We believe that Menstrual health and Hygiene should be Sustainable and Accessible by Anyone, Anywhere



Our Values are built on the following three principles:

Periods are more than An Event But a Journey


Just as the needs of a 16 year old student is different to a 35 year old travelling and working, we don't think that the relationship with a company should end at the point of transaction. We want to tackle periods holistically and to do that we have to adapt and understand the changes in our customers needs.


Reduction does not mean Generalisation


We obsess over the customer experience and journey - that's what we love to do! We strive to simplify and make every point of the period journey, from purchase, use, to disposal just that much easier and sustainable. Though to simplify we do not like grouping people together and say this is the best and only option for you. Reducing the complexity around period by understanding and question every preconception is how we work here at WithLula. Innovating and redesigning to create the easiest period that works for you.


Individual Focused and Community Driven


When we started, we talked to anyone and everyone who would talk to us about their periods! From athletes, to working mums, to trans-men, we found that there is so much more to a period than just pads. We are tackling menstruation holistically by combining medical research and menstrual products rooted in a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. Our vision is to grow and adapt to the changes in your needs, making sure no-one, anywhere struggles alone with their period.

Made by you. For you. Period.